Founder & Creative Director at LAB Service & Experience Design
Teun den Dekker
Founder & Creative Director at LAB Service & Experience Design
Presentation Type: Presentation Speaker

Teun den Dekker, MA is the creative director at /LAB Service & Experience Design. After a bachelor in Services Management (the Netherlands) and master in Hospitality Management (Spain) Teun founded a Dutch-Spanish consultancy firm in 2007, specialized in co-creation strategies for the tourism & hospitality industry. Within the last ten years he became an expert in service and experience design, working for his company /LAB service & experience design. He works for companies in every possible industry, improving the customer experience using service design tools. Teun is a member of the cultural advisory board of the Provincial-Executive of the Province of Limburg and visiting lecturer at Zuyd University (the Netherlands) and HTSI Escuela de Turismo Sant Ignasi (Spain). He is also a board member of several cultural institutions in the Netherlands and currently based in the City of Venlo, working for clients in Europe and East-Africa.


Date: 16 Nov 2017

Time: 01.00 pm – 02.00 pm

Title: Designing the Tourism & Hospitality Experience