Director At Make Studio
Patti Hunt
Director At Make Studio
Presentation Type: Keynote Speaker

Patti Hunt is co-founder of Make Studios, a strategic service design consultancy, servicing clients across the Asia-Pacific region. Based Hong Kong, Patti heads up the Asian Operations, working with ambitious clients to create customer centric businesses, bring innovative products and services to market and design winning value propositions. Patti has previously held senior positions in Hong Kong and Australia. She was Head of Strategic Design for a global User Experience (UX) agency, Senior Service Designer in Australia and Company Director in Hong Kong. Patti believes that the most progressive companies are changing their approach to strategy. In collaboration with key clients, Make Studios has developed a framework and methodology that enables clients to continuously implement, test and adapt their strategies and outpace their competitors.


Date: 15 Nov 2017

Time: 01.10 pm – 02.00 pm

Title: Strategy through Action: How companies are redefining the future, today.