Public Services Providers and Governmental Institutions
Mark Whiting
Public Services Providers and Governmental Institutions
Presentation Type: Workshop Speaker

Mark Whiting and Ardon Shorr combine international experience and professional expertise in communication and design. Mark holds degrees in design and engineering, and works as a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford in computer science. He builds design tools and workshops with a focus on proliferating next level design capabilities around the world. Ardon is a biologist, neuroscientist and musician who is dedicated to using scientific methods to revolutionize communication and design thinking. He has developed over 20 workshops to teach entrepreneurs and scientists how to communicate about complex topics, and has led writing and design for two startups. Together Mark and Ardon run Cultured Fit, providing workshops and co-design around the world with clients ranging from ivy league colleges to local governments in China.


Date: 14 Nov 2017

Time: 09:00 am – 05:00 pm

Title: Better design through science