Director at Livework
Joel Bailey
Director at Livework
Presentation Type: Keynote Speaker

I’ve worked in service design for over 15 years. I started out in the 90s working in digital content and user-centred design, but increasingly found myself being asked to tackle bigger, broader challenges. So I worked my way up out of the digital channel and started designing multichannel services for public and private sector clients. I found myself doing service design before I knew it was called that. I’ve worked in a lot of different capacities, across many different sectors. As Director of Service Design for a FTSE 100 firm, my role was to bring service design to bear for clients such as O2, Teachers’ Pensions and the British Army. As an agency lead and independent consultant, I’ve worked to help high street banks reinvent mortgages and the NHS rethink how it uses digital to achieve better health behaviours. The common theme across all my work is a focus on helping organisations become more customer-centred, so they can reap the benefits of improved satisfaction, cost reductions and revenue increases that this brings


Date: 16 Nov 2017

Time: 03.10 pm – 04.00 pm

Title: Choosing the right service design for your organisation