Managing Director, Dubai of Engine Service Design
James Samperi
Managing Director, Dubai of Engine Service Design
Presentation Type: Keynote Speaker

James Samperi is Managing Director, Dubai of Engine Service Design, a leading service design & innovation consultancy with offices in London and Dubai.

As Managing Director, James has facilitated the design and implementation of a range of innovative services as well as promoted the role of design within a range of leading public and private sector organisations globally. In 2015, James was seconded into Dubai Airports as Acting Head of Experience. He spent eight months directing its agile, new research and design customer experience team. The team was focused on delivering an innovative end-to-end experience aimed at changing the paradigm of the conventional airport. James’s expertise extends across all of Engine’s offer from design research for services, to the design and development of new services for improvement or innovation. He also plays a central role in building the internal capabilities of clients to harness the principles of service design within their own organisations. James combines running complex client projects with raising Engine’s profile by promoting the discipline of service design through running professional training events and speaking on service design globally.


Service Design, Design & User research, Innovation, Design Strategy

You can follow James on Twitter @jamesamperi


Date: 15 Nov 2017

Time: 11.10 am – 12.00 pm

Title: Great customer experiences can’t happen by accident, they are designed