Design Executive Officer At Design Guru Labs
Clifford Neufeld
Design Executive Officer At Design Guru Labs
Presentation Type: Keynote Speaker

Founder and DEO (Design Executive Officer) of Design Guru Labs, a service design consulting firm specialized in harnessing the power of issues, constraints and failure to inspire innovation in business. Clifford is passionate about creating solutions in the context where they occur using Intentional Innovation that is focused harnessing the power of client, employee and community issues. A senior executive with over 35 years experience working with all stages of business from startup to corporate management, focused on driving innovation and human centered design of services and developing disruptive business innovations. Clifford has extensive experience in management, operations, business development and a deep understanding of designing meaningful customer experiences. By always staying at the leading edge of new technologies, Clifford offers a unique, dynamic perspective that allows the creative blending of current trends with leading edge design thinking. He is a proven change agent, and the catalyst that sparks transformation while fostering collaboration of new concepts and ideas.


Date: 16 Nov 2017

Time: 02.10 pm – 03.00 pm

Title: Champions for Change | Hacking Racism