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Day 1

09:00 am - 05:00 pm


Customer Journey Audit for Better CX and ROI.

Abstract :

Customer Journey Audit is an effective and reliable tool used to manage customers ex-periences and service performance. It might be treated as a XXI century successor of research techniques like Mystery Shopping, Critical Incidents Techniques, Quality Leaks Analysis and Customers' Surveys. It's been created to make services better regardless of the perspective of client or service personnel. This method combines elements of mobile ethnography to collect customers' moments of truth (customers' experiences), we shall use ExperienceFellow as a data collecting tool, Journey Mapping to give them a frame. It is necessary to see if there is no need for improvement going step by step through all the moments important to customer. We shall come all together to a long list of questions to be asked about real situations that have in fact happened. This method diverts attention from issues of guilt and loss and lets the servicing team focus on mat-ter of their service

Goals :

My goal is to make Customer Journey Audit our common currency.
To do that I shall present the theoretical foundations of this research method and give a tutorial on how to use it. There will be many examples from banking, insurance, educa-tion, restaurants sector. In the second part participants will be asked to apply this meth-od in the selected services. Service sectors and service problems are a matter of our discussion, your preferences and — finally — a decision. Workshop dedicated to service professionals, service managers, service designers and there is no need for academic background to get the return on it

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