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Melrose Theatre

Day 2

11.10 am - 12.00 pm

James Samperi

Great customer experiences can’t happen by accident, they are designed

Abstract :

Great customer experiences can’t happen by accident, they are designed. Developing a world-leading customer experience for Dubai Airports at the crossroad of the world. Since 2013, Engine has been designing and developing services in the UAE for the likes of Bupa International, Emirates and Dubai Airports. This talk will centre on En-gine's extensive work with Dubai Airports, describing how Engine supported DA through a significant change from being solely focused on capacity and infrastructure to shift its focus to becoming a world-leading service organisation. It will also use this example to reflect on the challenge for the services industry more broadly in Dubai and the UAE and the opportunities ahead for those looking to elevate their services and customer experiences above and beyond what’s expected.

Goals :

To demonstrate the impact of service design and how it can be a means to drive organ-isational change and get more of the right services to market faster.

  • To demonstrate through a live case study where service design can impact an organisation
  • To outline how to move from a vision through to delivery
  • To bring to life what service design looks and feels like when delivering at scale
  • Demonstrate the hurdles and potential challenges you need to navigate in order to realise the designed service
  • To raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities in the region for service design

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Managing Director, Dubai of Engine Service Design

James Samperi

James Samperi is Managing Director, Dubai of Engine Service Design, a leading ser-vice design & innovation consultancy with offices in London and Dubai.

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