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Day 1


Dr. Sameer Tabbakh

Service Design 101 (Arabic)

Abstract :

Service Design Thinking is a holistic approach for improving the quality of your services. Innovating in services is not new, but what is new is that this innovation is approached from a human-centered way of design thinking instead of demand centered which most businesses in Saudi Arabia currently build their service plans around. The Service Design Thinking method explained in this workshop starts from a holistic understanding of customers’ needs and looks for solutions together with users and other stakeholders in mind. Ideas are formed using photos, drawings and models and systematically reviewed with the users. This method provides a meaningful value to your business and make a real difference in your services and customer experience.

Goals :

This workshop will explain the service design thinking concept, the processes involved, and the methods and tools used. The session will involve sample case studies where participants will brainstorm new ideas for the service design. Following that the new ideas will be tested through various methods and visualization to help the participants gain a thorough understanding of the service design process and how it can be used to improve or create service models for new businesses.

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Co-Founder At Inspiring Experience

Dr. Sameer Tabbakh

Dr. Sameer Tabbakh graduated in 1994 from King Abdul-Aziz University with a BS in Communication & Electronics Engineering.

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