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Day 1


Eva Hugenschmidt

Empowering Patients - Improving Health Services: Service Design for Health Care

Abstract :

This workshop is addressing service design for health care. In general, there are two different perspectives: A focus on the single patient or the improvement of a specific service within the health care system. Both approaches can lead to significant improvements. New medical research data has proven that empowering patients in long-term treatments not only provide better life quality, but actually can prolong life expectancy. This workshop will show how to enable patients and allow more independent life styles without compromising safety. For the health care provider, a thorough analysis of existing services including stakeholder identification, process visualization and customer journey support easily implementable improvements. The workshop will address key aspects in designing for health care, like activating patient engagement, addressing accessibility, creating awareness and introducing inclusive design in theory and hands-on.

Goals :

The workshop is aiming to provide good understanding of key aspects in service design for health care. A theoretical framework will provide a common level of knowledge in this area, four prepared design cases allow for hands-on design experience and practice of service design tools like a. o. personas, experience mapping, customer journey and prototyping.


  • Hour1: – Unpacking and theoretical framework – Why to design for empowering patients – Independence equals life quality – Accessibility – Introduction of Inclusive Design
  • Hour2: – Hands-on design – Personas – Map patient experiences and daily challenges – Recognize exclusion
  • Hour3: – Hands-on design and Introduction of tools and methods including inclusive design tools – Identify challenges – Choosing a challenge to work with – Form groups
  • Hour4: – Hands-on design – Identify areas of improvement – define one idea – Customer journey – make it tangible via poster/prototype
  • Hour5: – Presentations and feedback session

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Health Care (Hospitals, Health Ministries, Insurance firms, etc.)

Eva Hugenschmidt

German living in Norway - Independent Service Design Expert with MA in Visual communication and MBA in Service innovation

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