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Day 1


Yun Cheng Chen

CO-CREATE YOUR TOUCHPOINT WITH CLIENT - essential for freelance service designer

Abstract :

Freelancing is a rapidly developing global trend; freelancers account for more than 34% of the US workforce and are the fastest growing group in the EU labor market. More and more consulting companies, such as McKinsey & Co. and IDEO, are starting to hire freelance designers, whose understanding of design processes, methods, and tool applications are no different from designers who work in a design firm. Chen’s educational system combines the concept of gamification and helps break the vertical power structure to building team trust, integrate resources, and develop and maintain good relationships with clients. This system has been applied to training programs for business, governmental, and academic purposes. Notable examples include the employee training program for Cathay Financial Holding Group, a design experience seminar held for visiting Indonesian officials, governmental staff education, school design camps, local workshops, and various paid service design workshops (including Tainan Sustainability Jam 2016 and Tainan Service Jam 2017).

Goals :

The procedures in the workshop involved are a series of activities that will connect people and create positive interaction, also the meaningful co-creation process of empowerment. It will help people utilize service design effectively and fully from the individual peer-peer level. As a freelance service designer, Yun-Cheng Chen has been designed and executed various short and mid-term service design workshops ranging from DT camp for Indonesian city mayors and officials, international service design workshop such as Tainan Service Jam and Tainan Sustainable Jam, game sessions educating and implementing service design thinking in local gov departments, social issues workshop relating to region revitalization, experimental co-creation project space for artists and designers, to contemporary performance art workshops on the street. Workshops period from one to three days, number of participants ranges from 6 to 100, mostly paid workshop ticket price 55EU to 80EU/per person. I had been collaborating with various clients from city government, university, industry, and some of my clients work with big consultant companies for years such us McKinsey & Company, IBM, Business Models Inc., Ogilvy & Mather…etc.


  • Hour1: Icebreaking – Little Umbrella/ goal: use imagination instead of words from mouth, open up creative space for interaction
  • Hour2: Tower Of Meaning, Pair Discussion And Group Sharing/ goal: reveal personal and original insights from individual level
  • Hour3: Tower Of Value, Pair Discussion And Group Sharing/ goal: discover the shared values both want to co-create from group level
  • Hour4: Touchpoint Prototyping And Testing/ goal: combine CRM and gamification in the interaction with clients
  • Hour5: Scenario Acting, Closing

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Education such as (Schools, Universities, Education firms, etc.)

Yun Cheng Chen

Chen has co-founded planett, Taiwan’s first collaborative residency space for artists and designers

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