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Day 1


Catherine Collins

Jumping into a Few Tools: The basics of journey mapping, personas and stakeholders.

Abstract :

89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience by 2016 – vs. 36% four years ago. - Gartner Research As companies look to improve their customer’s experience, they are drawing on the different tools of service design. In this workshop, participants will experience how to include their customers in their work and how it can provide value. Join this workshop if you’re new to service design or would like to see how you could test service design in your company.

Goals :

We will use different tools such as personas, stakeholder maps and journey maps.

We will cover questions like:
1. How might this look like in my work?
2. How can I use journey mapping and other tools to create a conversation with my customers?
3. What are different forms of research that my team can use to base this work on research over assumptions?
4. What value do these different tools provide?

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Banking, HealthCare and Insurances, Government Services

Catherine Collins

Catherine is a Service Designer at More Than Metrics, tech startup and publishers of This is Service Design Thinking

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