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Melrose Theatre

Day 3

01.10 pm - 02.00 pm

Teun den Dekker

Designing the Tourism & Hospitality Experience

Abstract :

Professionals in tourism & hospitality face the challenge of attracting the modern tourist and fulfilling his needs, wishes and desires with meaningful experiences. It seems that an important aspect of this challenge is finding a balance between respecting the history, culture and inhabitants of a certain place on one hand and making the touristic experience as attractive, new and engaging as possible for the modern tourist on the other hand. This is one of multiple stakeholders and interests, a complex product, fast changing touristic landscapes and heterogeneous target groups with changing needs. A new approach is needed in order to develop valuable new concepts for the modern tourist or hotel guest. Instead of a top-down, linear way of creating touristic & hospitality experiences, a design approach is proposed. Not often a (service) design approach is linked to tourism, whilst at first sight they are a perfect match. Service design projects are characterized by their co-creative, user centered, holistic nature, with special attention for sequencing the optimal experience and making intangible aspects of the experience tangible. This presentations investigates why a design approach fits the challenges of tourism & hospitality and makes the first steps in applying design thinking to tourism, translating its key characteristics to several aspects of conceptualizing and implementing tourism & hospitality (projects).

Goals :

investigate possibilities of service design for tourism & hospitality – provide a practical framework for tourism & hospitality professionals – be inspiring and fun – make people apply service design in tourism & hospitality afterwards

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Tourism and hospitality (Hotels, Resorts, Travel agents, etc.)

Teun den Dekker

Teun den Dekker, MA is the creative director at /LAB Service & Experience Design. After a bachelor in Services Management (the Netherlands) and master in Hospitality Management (Spain) Teun founded a Dutch-Spanish consultancy firm in 2007, specialized in co-creation strategies for the tourism & hospitality industry.

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