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Day 3

10:10am – 11:00am

Yun Cheng Chen

EMPOWER SERVICE DESIGN: Freelance Service Designer as Cultural Entrepreneur_ a series of experimental practices to sustainable living in society

Abstract :

Freelancing is a rapidly developing global trend; freelancers account for more than 34% of the US workforce and are the fastest growing group in the EU labor market. More and more consulting companies, such as McKinsey & Co. and IDEO, are starting to hire freelance designers, whose understanding of design processes, methods, and tool applications are no different from designers who work in a design firm. For practical purposes, service design as an individual design discipline is mostly applied in commercial areas by teamwork. It is often used as a B2B2C method and applied to preliminary research, visualization, analyzation, and strategization. As a freelance service designer, Chen is devoted to researching the exchange of non-materialistic substances (in particular, cultural exchange). He is interested in the sharing and integration of social resources. Through research and action, Chen has explored the practical applicability of theories in a social capacity. Since 2013, he has led various innovative social experiments in collaboration with domestic and international businesses, governments, and institutions. He has introduced the theory and methodology of service design into various projects and led his teams to develop sustainable business models for cultural activities. Chen has explored how design can enable, engage, and empower freelance designers to become a force in society that propel positive change.

Goals :

The purpose of this talk is to inspire the service design practitioner, and to articulate the roles service design plays in and its linkage to the contemporary society, and how it can create more opportunities for emergent freelance service designers in future freelance economy.

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Education such as (Schools, Universities, Education firms, etc.)

Yun Cheng Chen

Chen has co-founded planett, Taiwan’s first collaborative residency space for artists and designers; Monday School, Taiwan’s first regularly held contemporary performance art street workshop; and Arts Roasted, a performance and exhibition platform that is supported by independent artists and cafes.

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