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Melrose Theatre

Day 3

10:10am – 11:00am

Birgit Mager

Re-public: Design for Governmental Services

Abstract :

Throughout the last two years Service Design is being perceived as an approach to innovation in the Government of Austria. Together with Thomas Holzinger, Head of the Information Services of the Austrian Parliament, the way Service Design is being applied for governmental service will be outlined, the reasons why the interest in Service Design is growing will be high lightened and the impact of the new approach to innovation will be wrapped up.

Goals :

Create understanding for the reasons why Service Design is a relevant approach for governmental innovation Give insight into the way Service Design is being applied and give key-learings as take-away for the audience

PDF Document

Public Services Providers and Governmental Institutions

Birgit Mager

Since 1995 Birgit Mager holds the first European professorship on "Service Design" at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Germany and since then has developed the field of Service Design constantly in theory, methodology and in practice.

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