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Melrose Theatre

Day 2

01.10 pm - 02.00 pm

Patti Hunt

Strategy through Action: How companies are redefining the future, today.

This session is sponsored by Make Studio

Abstract :

The most progressive companies in the world are already changing the way they think about strategy. Instead of operating against 3, 5 and 10 year implementation cycles, they see strategy as a continuous process of implementation; to rapidly discover, adapt, lead and grow. These companies have stopped speculating about what the future might look like many years from now and have refocused on what they know today. Through a process of hypothesis formation, controlled experimentation and prototyping, they are testing their assumptions about the future against the realities of today. This gives them in the unique ability to respond to realities of today while at the same time building compelling visions for future success.

Goals :

After attending this session, participants will gain the following: An understanding of how the most progressive companies are redefining the role of strategy. Familiarity with the “Strategy through Action” framework, tools and methodology that was developed by Make Studios in collaboration with key clients. An understand about the role that service design plays in strategy formation, continuous implementation and value proposition design.

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Patti Hunt

Patti Hunt is co-founder of Make Studios, a strategic service design consultancy, servicing clients across the Asia-Pacific region.

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