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Melrose Theatre

Day 3

02.10 pm - 03.00 pm

Clifford Neufeld

Champions for Change | Hacking Racism

Abstract :

Imagine a client asked you to create a solution to this issue statement: " How might we create a solution to reduce racism in our community in a way that disrupts status quo thinking, empowers those directly affected to fight back, in a way that is both legal, and will be enforced by those in authority who are accountable to ensure protection against racist activity in public places, while simultaneously creating youth employment, improving grades and educational opportunity for our stakeholders.” Now, imagine that your clients are 20-30 inner city children between 11 and 15 years old, representing a wide variety of cultural heritages from recent Syrian refugees to homeless children. The neighborhood your clients live in has high crime rates, with over 80 serious assaults within a 1 km radius in the last 12 months, polarizing gang activity, prostitution, drugs, homelessness, and below poverty income levels. Due to economic and social issues in the area, only 30% of the clients are expected to graduate from high school, and are highly unlikely to ever achieve university education, as their low economic status would prevent them from attending even if they had excellent academic achievements. This is an incredible story of how the power of service design was used to design a social enterprise that exceeded any expectations of a seemingly impossible issues statement by using Racism (the issue) as the power source for innovation. Clifford will introduce his companies powerful new (i2i) Issues to Innovation methodology that will forever change the way we think about innovation

Goals :

The goal of the presentation is to inspire the audience by demonstrating the power of design to solve issues in our communities, our businesses and our world. Attendees will discover: – Issues are the power source of all innovation (not technology or methods) – How Intentional Innovation shifts status quo thinking – Constraints and Limitations or Failure are critical for successful design – The world of business, politics, and culture are filled with issues – that’s good thing! – Our Innovation ecosystem is broken globally – and some ideas on how to fix it.

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Non-governmental organization (NGO), Non-Profit Organizations or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Clifford Neufeld

Founder and DEO (Design Executive Officer) of Design Guru Labs, a service design consulting firm specialized in harnessing the power of issues, constraints and failure to inspire innovation in business.

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